Almanac of
Women's Fitness
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information of fitness competitor's profiles available. The Almanac is updated whenever possible.

  • Waitman, Michele
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 15th

  • Wallis, Julie 'DJ'
    Born February 16, 1970 in San Antonio, Texas. Nicknamed 'DJ', short for 'Doc Julie'. Currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. Height 5'4". Julie was a cheerleader in high school, and rode horses and her bike a lot. Julie also wanted to be a animal vet, and loves hot, spicy foods. She currently has a Master's Degree in Biology, and is working towards a doctorate in neurobioligy. Contests include the 1997 Heart of Dixie 1st; 1998 Women's Extravaganza 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals short 4th; 1999 NPC USA Middle 2nd; 2000 Fitness International 9th; 2000 Atlantic City Pro 10th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 9th; 2002 New York Pro 12th;

  • Walton, Sharon
    1997 NPC USA Fitness 16th;

  • Wang, Jacquie
    Born 6/22/68. 1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness 5th

  • Wassell, Brenda
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 19th; 1997 NPC Nationals 16th; 1998 NPC Nationals short 7th;

  • Warren, Angela
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 20th

  • Watson, Jackie
    From France. 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 19th; 1996 Florida Fitness Pro 11th; 1997 Jan Tana Fitness 10th; 1998 Fitness International 16th; 1998 Czech Pro 12th; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 16th;

  • Webb, Melanie
    1998 NPC USA Short 5th; 1999 NPC National Short 1st & Overall;

  • Webb, Shannon
    1997 Ms. Fitness Tennessee 1st;

  • Weiner, Dena
    1999 NPC USA Tall 6th;

  • Wickham, Sandra
    I started weight training in the off season for track and field and immediately fell in love with building my body. In university I earned my degree in English and Drama, while also becoming certified as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer. I worked in our university gym, and I looked up to women like Cory Everson and Anja Schriner. Someone at the gym told me I should enter a fitness competition, but I hadn't really seen or heard of them before. After university I went to live in Whistler, BC and spent much of my time working in a gym, working out and snowboarding. I thought about entering a provincial competition, but just didn't have the support and guidance that I needed. I went backpacking overseas to New Zealand and Australia, and stayed in Brisbane, training at a gym there. The owner of the gym suggested I do a competition. He said, there's a competition in 5 weeks, if you start training right now, you could do it. So I did! And I loved it! I placed second, losing by only one point to a local! When I returned to Canada, I just had to keep with it, so I entered the Gators Island Classic and won! I really have not stopped since! The girls keep getting better, the competitions keep growing, and now I am helping other girls get into the sport. When I started, there wasn't really anyone you could turn to for help and advice because the sport was so new. Now there are many veterans out there getting more girls involved every day. I plan to keep competing, and improving, and learning as much as I can!

    Contests include 1997 Ms. Fitness Queensland Australia 2nd; 1998 Gator's Island Classic 1st; 1999 Gold's Natural Provincial 3rd; 1999 Canadian Nationals 6th; 2000 CBBF World 6th; 2001 Canadian West Coast Naturals 1st; 2002 Northwestern Naturals 2nd; 2002 Canadaian Nationals 1st;

  • Wigmore, Bonnie
    1995 Galaxy Fitness 4th

  • Williams, Linda
    1997 NPC USA Fitness 8th;

  • Williams, Samantha
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 16th

  • Wilson, Nita
    1999 NPC USA Short 5th;

  • Wilson, Torrie
    Born July 24, 1975 in Boise, Idaho. Raised in McCall, Idaho. Height 5'9". Currently lives in Tampa, Florida. Torrie is also a WWF Diva. Contests include 1998 Ironwoman Tri-Fitness 7th; 1998 Galaxy Florida 1st;

  • Wood, Leslie
    1996 Ms. Fitness World 6th; 1997 Ms. Fitness USA 5th; 1997 Ms. Fitness World 6th

  • Worsfold-Sladek, Stephanie
    Canadian. Married to Mike Sladek. Contests include the 1997 Jan Tana Fitness 2nd; 1997 Fitness Olympia 13th; 1998 Italian Pro Fitness 17th; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 9th; 1998 Midwest Fitness Pro 10th; 1999 World Pro 8th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 10th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 7th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 14th; 2002 Toronto Pro 4th; 2002 Atlantic States Pro 7th;

  • Worth, Jennifer (Jenny)
    Born May 6, 1977 in Tallahassee, Florida. Currently lives in Miami (2001). Height 5'2". Has a tattoo (sunflower) on the top of her foot.

    Contests include the 1997 NPC Debbie Kruck 1st; 1997 NPC Nationals 14th; 1998 NPC USA Short 1st; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 6th; 1998 Midwest Fitness Pro 2nd; 1998 Fitness Olympia 10th; 1999 Italian Pro 6th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 2nd; 1999 Fitness Olympia 9th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 1st; 2000 Fitness Olympia 3rd; 2001 Fitness International 1st; 2001 Fitness Olympia 2nd; 2002 Fitness International 2nd; 2002 Fitness Olympia 3rd; 2002 Show of Strength 3rd;

  • Wozniak, Elizabeth
    1998 Galaxy Florida 4th;