Almanac of
Women's Fitness
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information of fitness competitor's profiles available. The Almanac is updated whenever possible.

  • Talboo, Michele
    USA. 1995 NPC National Fitness 6th; 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 9th; 1996 Florida Fitness Pro 12th

  • Taksonyi, Erika
    From Hungary. 1997 Denmark Pro Fitness 13th; 1997 Norway Pro Fitness 16th;

  • Tanaka, Kimiko
    Kimiko is Japanese-American with a Native-American ancestry. She finished 4th in synchronized swimming at the 1974 Junior Olympics. She was a Los Angeles Raider's cheerleader, where she was squad captain. Kimiko also had her own cheerleading and performing unit called American Spirit, which performed wordwide for over five years. In 1991, a lower back injury ended her cheeerleading career.

    In 1994, Kimiko became the host of ESPN's Bodyshaping television program. She also owned Fitness Concepts, a nutrition education firm. She has a master's degree from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Contests include the 1994 Galaxy Fitness 7th; 1995 Ms. Fitness America 8th;

  • Tauber, Fawn
    From Appleton, Wisconsin. Married to Daniel. Contests include the 1996 Great Lakes 3rd; 1997 Great Lakes 1st; 1998 Ms. Exercise 2nd; 1999 Pro Ms. Exercise 1st;

  • Taucher, Karen
    Height 5'6". Grew up in Montana. Loves horses and trained Arabians while in college. Graduated from Montana State University with a bachelor's degree in business management. Earned All-Conferenece honors as a long jumper in track and field. Currently is a real estate agent in California. Contests include the 1998 NPC Texas Fitness Championships 1st;

  • Taylor, Lisa
    1994 Galaxy Fitness 13th

  • Teeters, Shaunta
    1998 NPC Nationals short 10th; 1999 NPC USA Short 3rd; 2000 Fitness International withdrew; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 19th;

  • Teves, Angel
    I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, in a small town called Kealakekua to Kevin and Jasie Teves. I am the only child (human being that is) - we have always had at least 5 pit bulls that have been like brothers and sisters. I am completely multi-ethnic which includes: Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, American Indian, German and French. Growing up in Hawaii made it possible to identify with all my various cultures - not to mention having the pleasure of indulging in the different types of food. I attended Konawaena for all 12 years of my schooling and then to the University at Manoa.

    Growing up an only child wasn't easy when we lived on an acre of coffee trees and just dogs to play with. I soon became a tom-boy and would spend hours in the yard and rolling around with the dogs. When I was 12 years old my parents opened a gym and so I was constantly just hanging around. I soon began to show interest in working out and started playing around with little weights here and there. At the time my parents were into powerlifting and discovered that a few years earlier, a girl, Alphie Newman had set some world and state records that they thought I would be able to break if I just trained a little. So with less than 3 months before the World Record Breakers, I decided to train for my first powerlifting meet. Thus also began my first experience with dieting! YUCK!

    The day came and I was very lucky to walk away with two new world records and the key to a lifetime of physical fitness. I decided to continue training for powerlifting and to compete in the State Championship. Along with training in the gym, I was also running cross country, track, and playing basketball for our school's junior varsity teams. Two years later, I set the state records in the bench, deadlift, and squat with a total of 545 lbs. lifted at 15 years old. I was fortunate to have made it through with an excellent support team and the world's best coach-Daddy! When I was 16 I decided that powerlifting was not going to be my career and began to flip through the fitness magazines for an alternative to the lifestyle. I was mesmerized by the beautifully fit bodies and dreamed of one day looking that way. I decided I wanted to try enterring a Jr. Fitness competition that was coming up in a few months. I entered the Big Island Jr. Fitness contest and missed the title by half a point. I was devastated but there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It just happened that Robert Kennedy was sitting in the audience and approached me to do a photo shoot the next day. I was so thrilled, but had no clue as to what to do with such a world class photographer! So, with a little coaching and a lot of patience I made it through my first photo shoot and instantly knew that this was something that I could see myself doing for years to come. A few months later I happened to pick up a copy of Musclemag and to my great surprise was a picture of little 'ol me! It was the high of a lifetime. Ever since then I have been involved in other fitness contests and managed to capture the N.P.C. state title and many other various physique competitions that you can read about in the competitions section. As for now, I am currently under contract with Prolab Nutrition and love the company and the products. I also do personal training and pre-contest consulting, as well as traveling around the world doing photo shoots and trade shows.

    Competitions include the 1991 World Record Breakers Bench - 88 lbs., Deadlift - 205 lbs; 1993 Hawaii State Powerlifting Bench - 113 lbs., Deadlift - 225 lbs., Squat - 205 lbs.; 1994 Big Island Jr. Fitness Competition 2nd; 1994 Ms. Teen Hawaii Dream 1st; 1995 Miss Hawaii Island America 1st; 1995 Hawaii Student Body Physique 3rd; 1996 N.P.C. Hawaii State Fitness 1st; 1997 Hawaiian Harley Physique Classic 1st; 1997 Ms. Bayfest Physique 1st; 1998 Miss 24 Hr. Fitness Beauty and the Beast Physique Contest 1st; 1999 Miss Hawaii United States 1st; 1999 Miss American United States 1st & overall

  • Thomas, Heidi
    England. 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 10th

  • Titarenko, Alevtina
    From the Ukraine. 1997 Ms. Fitness World 10th

  • Tom, Kiana
    From Maui, Hawaii. Birthday March 14. Height 5'6". Was on the Bodyshaping show (filmed in Hawaii) from 1987 to 1994. Was Cory Everson's assistant from 1987-1990, then co-hosted it with Rick Valente for 5 years after that. In 1995, Kiana started to host and produce the show 'Flex Appeal' on ESPN2. Kiana was an L.A. Raiderette from 1987-1988. Has her own clothing line names Kiana Fitness Wear.

  • Tomita, Dale
    Born April 10, 1964 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Raised in Seattle, Washington. Height: 5'1". Competitive weight about 114. Contests include the 1995 NPC National Fitness 1st; 1995 Fitness Olympia 4th; 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 5th; 1996 Florida Fitness Pro 1st; 1996 Fitness Olympia 4th; 1996 IFBB Danish Pro Fitness 3rd; 1997 IFBB Fitness International 4th; 1997 IFBB Czech Republic Pro Fitness 1st; 1997 World Pro 2nd; 1997 Fitness Olympia 5th;

  • Tooze, Christine
    From England. 1995 Fitness Olympia 9th

  • Traskos, Wendy
    1997 NPC Nationals 12th;

  • Tremblay, Sylvia
    Born August 8, 1966 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Heigh 5'3". Contests include 1997 Western Quebec Fitness 2nd; 1997 Quebec Fitness 2nd; 1998 Canada Fitness Cup 2nd;

  • Trimble, Julie
    1998 NPC USA Short 14th;

  • Tucciarone, S.
    From Italy. 1997 Italian Pro 19th

  • Tuley, Lovena
    Also called Lovena Stamatiou-Tuley. Born July 6, 1969 in Atchison, Kansas. Height 5'4". Raised in Missouri, then moved to Lawrence, Kansas. Married to Marty. Has a tattoo of the Olympic rings in a very inconspicuous place. Lovena is a physical therapist and a personal trainer.

    Contests include the 1995 NPC National Fitness 8th; 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 13th; 1997 Czech Pro 5th; 1997 Italian Pro 8th; 1998 Czech Pro 7th; 1998 Italian Pro Fitness 7th; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 8th; 1998 Midwest Fitness Pro 8th; 1999 Fitness International 10th; 2000 Fitness International 12th; 2000 Atlantic City Pro 9th;