Almanac of
Women's Fitness
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information of fitness competitor's profiles available. The Almanac is updated whenever possible.

  • Paglia, Denise Sandra
    Born August 28, 1966 in Orange, New Jersey. Height 5'4". Eyes are brown. Her background is Japanese / American-Italian. Graduated from Immaculate Conception High in Montclair, New Jersey. Attended Montclair State College in New Jersey. Has one brother Joey, who is a year older. Denise wanted to become an artist, as art was her passion. Denise worked at a bank for three years. She loves animals. Started in bodybuilding contests, but switched to fitness contests. Tevelsion credits include 'Fitness Beach', 'Bodyshaping', and 'Cyberfit' for ESPN2. In 1998, she was engaged to Sammy Pica. In 2000, she is engaged to Darrin Cole, with the wedding set for March 2001. Denise was on the premier cover issue of 'Muscle & Fitness Hers' in 2000.

    Contests include the 1990 Gold;s Classic Bodybuilding 1st LW & Overall; 1992 Strong & Shapely Fitness 2nd; 1992 Fitness America Nationals, ,1993 Fitness America Nationals, 1995 Fitness Olympia 5th.

  • Pagnanelli, Diedre
    1995 Galaxy Fitness 9th

  • Palatinus, Tunde
    From Hungary. 1997 Denmark Pro Fitness 7th;

  • Palmer, Julie
    From Ohio, Columbus. Contests include 2001 Fitness International 20th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 18th; 2002 New York Pro 22nd; 2002 Slovakia Pro 11th; 2002 Southwest Pro 12th; 2002 Show of Strength 14th;

  • Parett, Sarah
    From England. 1997 Italian Pro 18th; 1997 Norway Pro Fitness 12th; 1998 Italian Pro Fitness 20th;

  • Perondek, Keill
    1998 NPC USA Short 15th;

  • Petika, Melony
    From Clearwater, Florida. In high school, she took weight training classes because she thought is would be an easy credit, but found that she liked it very much. Melony was also involved in theater and improv. She was offered a scholarship in theater for college, but declined it, and went on to get a degree in graphic design, which she realized she did not enjoy, and went back to theater. She moved to Chicago, where she worked in several shows in improv, but because of the meager financial incentives, she went back to Florida. Contests include the 1997 NPC Nationals 7th; 1998 NPC USA Tall 2nd; 1999 World Pro 10th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 11th;

  • Peterson, Kim
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 6th ; 1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness 3rd

  • Petty, Opal
    1998 NPC Nationals short 13th;

  • Phippen, Terri Ann
    1998 Phys-Fit Canada Fitness Cup 1st;

  • Platinus, Tunde
    1998 Czech Pro 11th;

  • Pomponio, Christine
    1999 NPC USA Short 9th;

  • Porcyzk, Kamila
    From Poland. Contests include the 2002 Slovakia Pro 7th;

  • Porter, Lonette
    2000 Ms. Exercise 1st;

  • Potz, Annalisa
    From Italy. Contests include the 1999 Italian Pro 11th; 2000 Atlantic City Pro 19th

  • Price, Penny
    Also competed in the Ms. Olympia in 1986 and 1990. Contests include the 1995 Fitness Olympia 10th;

  • Prada, Marlene
    From Venezuela. Contests include the 2000 Jan Tana Pro 20th;

  • Protz, Nicole
    1996 Ms. Fitness World 22nd