Almanac of
Women's Fitness
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information of fitness competitor's profiles available. The Almanac is updated whenever possible.

  • Kalish, Summer
    1997 NPC USA Fitness 16th;

  • Kallai, Ildiko
    From Hungary. 1996 Ms. Fitness World 4th; 1997 Ms. Fitness World 2nd;

  • Karlsson, Eva Linda
    From Sweden. 1996 Ms. Fitness World 16th; 1997 Denmark Pro Fitness 9th; 1997 Norway Pro Fitness 8th;

  • Kath, Heather
    1999 NPC USA Short 8th;

  • Kelly, Brenda Michiko
    Born January 13, 1958 in Hawaii. Height 5'2". Moved to Washington State when she was three years old. Graduated from Cornish Institute of Allied Arts in Seattle with a B.A. in dance and music theory. Brenda is the fitness director for American Woman Health, an exclusive women's health club in Bellevue, Washington (2000). Kelly did not compete in a fitness contest until age 39.

    Contests include the 1998 NPC Northwest Fitness 1st; 1998 NPC Emraland Cup 2nd; 1998 Vancouver Naturals 2nd; 1999 NPC USA Short 6th; 1999 NPC Natoinals Short 8th; 1999 World Billfish Series Grand Championships 4th (pulled a 450 grand marlin); 1999 Fitness America Nationals Championships; 2000 FAP South Beach Int Pro 6th;

  • Kelstrup, Christina
    From Copenhagen, Denmark. Contests include the 2001 Fitness International 20th;

  • Kerche, Greice
    1996 Ms. Fitness World 9th

  • Kirzonicic, Darlene
    Contests include the 1999 NPC USA Middle 5th; 2000 Atlantic City Pro 16th;

  • Kim, Min Yung
    Born 2/8/70 in South Korea. Moved to Philadelphia from South Korea at age 10. Competed in gymnastic at the national level at age 14. Has a daughter. Currently lives in Aventura, Florida. Eyes are brown, heigh 5'0". She is currently a gymnastics instriuctor and a personal trainer. In 2000, appeared in the film M.A.S.S. Squad 2. Contests include the 1997 Mid Atlantic 4th; 1997 NPC Physique 1st; 1997 Team Universe Pro Fitness 3rd; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 16th; 1998 Midwest Fitness Pro 9th; 1999 World Pro 15th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 15th; 2000 Atlantic City Pro 15th;

  • Kimes, Lorie
    From the USA. Contests include the 2002 New York Pro 13th; 2002 Southwest Pro 11th;

  • Kinska, Klaudia
    From Kosice, Slovakia. Klaudia was a member of the 1996 Slovakian Olympic gymnastic team. Contests include the 1999 Slovakian Fitness 1st; 1999 World Amateur 1st; 2000 Fitness International 10th; 2000 Atlantic City Pro 8th; 2000 Fitness Olympia 8th; 2001 Hungarian Pro 2nd; 2002 Fitness International 6th; 2002 Slovakia Pro 1st;

  • Kiukkonen, Marianne
    From Finland. 1997 Denmark Pro Fitness 15th; 1997 Norway Pro Fitness 15th;

  • Knowles, Kristia
    Born September 1, 1970 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Currently lives in Orlando, Florida. Height 5'11". Likes to rollerblade, wakeboarding, biking, swimming and running. Favorite food is steamed oysters.

  • Kobielak, Alekandra
    From Poland. Contests include the 2001 Fitness Olympia 9th; 2002 New York Pro 10th; 2002 Slovakia Pro 3rd;

  • Koelbel, Kim
    1998 NPC Nationals short 14th;

  • Konyha, Karen
    USA. Contests include 1999 Fitness International 14th; 1999 World Pro 7th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 14th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 17th;

  • Kobielak, Aleksandra
    From Gdansk, Poland. Height 5'1". Contests include the 1998 IFBB World Amatuer Fitness Short 2nd; 1999 IFBB World Amatuer Fitness Short 3rd; 2002 Fitness Olympia 15th;

  • Korde, Emese
    From Hungary. 1997 Ms. Fitness World 5th

  • Koukkari, Rita
    From Finland. 1998 Italian Pro Fitness 21st;

  • Krishi, Marjo
    From Finland. 1998 Italian Pro Fitness 14th; 1999 Finland Pro 7th; 1999 Denmark Pro 9th;

  • Kruck, Debbie
    Debbie was born on February 23, in Danbury, Connecticut. At age 5. Debbie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, so as a child, she worked on more creative activities than physical ones. Debbie has one sister, 11 months younger than her, and an older brother. Debbie went to a private Catholic school from 1st to 12th grade. She was a chearleader in junior high, but in high school, got into the arts and theater. She was even a member of a 'magic' troupe at one time. In the middle of her senior year of high school, the family moved from Connecticut to Florida. In high school, Debbie had a weight problem, and got teased from kids at school about it. Debbie became interested in fitness during her first marriage, as her husband owned a gym. When Debbie was overweight, she made the decision to lose that weight forever! Debbie went to her first show in 1988 when she saw an ad in a fitness journal for the National Fitness show. She placed in the top ten.

    In 1997, Debbie made over 100 Christmas cards herself, all handmade. She also makes many of her competition costumes herself. She appeared on the Howard Stern radio and television show on 'E' channel in 1997. Debbie's current boyfriend is Lee Apperson. In 1998, Boris Vallejo, an artist, created a fantasy portrait of Debbie for his calendar. She also produces the NPC Debbie Kruck Classic in Palm Beach, Florida, every year, part of the proceeds goes to send a few top girls to the Team Universe event, and another part goes to the wheelchair bodybuilding contest to help them get to national competitions.

    Contests include the 1995 Fitness Olympia 8th; 1997 Italian Pro 12th;

  • Kudla, Mari
    Born November 2, 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio, Height 5'3". Mari is the youngest of three girls. Married to Dennis Donnelly on May 25, 2002. Has one daughter, Lenna, born November 5, 2001. Mari loves animals. Has an Australian shephered named Twix and a cat named Spaz, and also a black lab named Godiva (2002). Contests include the 2000 NPC Cincinnati Short 1st; 2000 NPC Mike Francois World Gym Classic Short 2nd; 2000 NPC Pittsburgh Short 2nd; 2000 NPC USA Short 8th; 2000 NPV Governers Cup Short 1st & Overall; 2000 NPC Mideast Classic Short 1st; 2000 NPC Nationals Short 3rd; 2002 Body Rock Short Class First & Overall; 2002 Team Universe Short Class 1st and 2nd Overall (earned pro card); 2002 World Womens Fitness 2nd overall;

    Figure contests include the 2003 Figure International 4th;