Almanac of
Women's Fitness
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information of fitness competitor's profiles available. The Almanac is updated whenever possible.

  • Ibsen, Jette
    From Denmark. 1997 World Pro 12th;

  • Jackson, Robyn
    From Melbourne, Australia. Height 5'6". Contests include the 1998 Miss Australia Fitness 1st; 2001 Hungarian Pro 7th;

  • Jarvis, Cindy
    1997 NPC USA Fitness 16th;

  • Jeffers, Bridget
    1998 NPC USA Short 11th;

  • Joelson, Tsianina
    From Sutherlin, Oregon ... Husband is Greg ... On the MTV morning exercise show, the Daily Burn ... Contests include the 1997 Fitness America Pageant 1st;

  • Johannesen, Lena
    Born January 2, 1971 in Oslo, Norway. Married Andre Nielsen; Divorced 2000. Height 5'6". Curently lives in Culver City, California.

    I was born in Oslo, Norway on a cold winter morning. I'm the only child but not spoiled (not too much, anyway...). I have always had animals in my life including a rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, and two dogs. I just love animals, and hopefully they love me as well. I come from a steady family. My parents have been married for 27 years, and my grandparents have been together for a lifetime. I think that's a good way for a child to grow up, because there are way too many divorced parents these days. Our family has always been very close to nature. We always went camping, fishing, boating, swimming etc. I remember when I was 5 years old, and my father teached me to swim. I was so proud, and just loved it. When I turned 9, I joined a local swimming team and got hooked! I made quick progress, and started to win major contests. I made it to the National team, and earned lots of medals, until one day I just got "sick" of it all.... I guess it was the pressure from trainers, and maybe the interests of the opposite sex that made me quit at age 16.

    But, that didn't mean that I didn't like the joy of working out. The very next day, I joined a gym close to my home. I liked the feeling of being my "own boss", and to go to my workouts whenever it suited me best. No pressure from trainers, and specific times to train. I guess I've always been pretty much independent by growing up as an only child, and thatís probably why I've only been in individual sports. I guess I got a lot of inspiration from my mother, because she had been training with weights for years, and she even competed as one of the first women in a Norwegian bodybuilding show. Both my parents are still working out, and they enjoy my achievements in the fitness industry. I entered a couple of bodybuilding shows myself (3 of them) and did pretty well. Even so, I didn't feel too comfortable just getting bigger and bigger. I turned into fitness instead. I did my first fitness competition in 1995, and placed 5th in the Norwegian Championship. The top 5 got an invitation to compete as a pro, since the show was held in Norway. I was so excited, and couldn't believe that I was going to be on stage with many of the girls I only had seen and looked up to from the magazines!

    Contests include the 1995 Northwegian Championships 5th; 1997 Norway Fitness 1st; 1997 Fitness International 10th; 1997 Czech Pro 2nd; 1997 Italian Pro 4th; 1997 World Pro 4th; 1997 Denmark Pro Fitness 2nd; 1997 Norway Pro Fitness 1st; 1997 Fitness Olympia 3rd; 1998 Fitness International 4th; 1998 Chech Pro Fitness 2nd; 1998 Italian Pro Fitness 6th; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 2nd; 1998 Midwest Fitness Pro 1st; 1998 Fitness Olympia 5th; 1999 Fitness International 3rd; 1999 Finland Pro 2nd; 1999 Denmark Pro 3rd; 1999 Fitness Olympia 7th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 3rd; 2000 Fitness Olympia 9th;

  • Johnson, Gea
    First fitness champion, winning the 1986 Ms. National Fitness (Held in Las Vegas). Graduated from Arizona State in 1991.

  • Johnson, Tanji
    From the USA. Contests include the 2002 Fitness International 7th; 2002 New York Pro 4th; 2002 Toronto Pro 1st; 2002 Fitness Olympia 9th; 2002 Show of Strength 6th;

  • Jonske, Kathy
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 8th