Almanac of
Women's Fitness
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information of fitness competitor's profiles available. The Almanac is updated whenever possible.

  • Haddad, Amy
    2002 New York Pro 18th;

  • Hall, Susan
    1994 Galaxy Fitness 9th; 1995 Galaxy Fitness 5th

  • Hallman, Donna
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 12th

  • Hampton, Tara
    Works as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Battle Creek, Michigan. Has a daughter named Courtney. Has a brother called Trevor. Livee in Tekonsha, Michigan. She is currently pursueing a degree in Exercise Physiology from Western Michigan University. Contests include the 2001 Natural Michigan Fitness & Figure Overall; 2002 Natural Michigan Figure 2nd; 2003 NPC Pittsburgh Figure 2nd; 2002 NPC Junion Nationals Figure Tall 8th;

  • Hanke, Jennifer
    Contests include the 2001 Fitness Olympia 7th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 7th; 2002 Fitness International 13th; 2002 New York Pro 11th; 2002 Southwest Pro 6th;

  • Hanlon, Shannon
    1997 NPC USA Fitness 9th;

  • Haris, Renita
    1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness 2nd

  • Hart, Darby
    Height 5'7". From Pensacola, Florida. Has a Masters of Science from Troy State University. Married to Richard. Contests include the 1991 MS. Nationals Fitness 14th; 1992 Ms. Georgia Fitness 1st; 1993 Ms. Fitness Louisiana 1st; 1994 Ms. Fitness Florida 1st; 1995 Ms. Fitness USA 6th; 1995 Ms. Fitness Michigan 1st; 1995 Ms. National Fitness 1st; 1996 Ms. Fitness Eastern States 1st; 1996 Ms. Fitness USA 4th; 1996 Ms. Fitness World 7th; 1997 Ms. Fitness USA 2nd; 1997 Ms. Fitness World 1st;

  • Hartt, Kim
    Kim Hartt was born and raised in Canada spending the majority of her life on the West coast of Canada near the Great Canadian Rockies. Being from the North it is no surprise that Kim Hartt's competitive nature stemmed from her years of figureskating in St.Albert, AB. After Kim attained her goals of attaining her Gold Level Tests in figureskating, she moved on to her next challenge in life when she was accepted into the Physical Therapy program in the faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta. She graduated in the spring of 1994 at the top of her class earning her BScPT in Rehabilitation Medicine.

    Kim launched her Physical Therapy career in the small town of Carlsbad, New Mexico in July of 1994. Kim specialized in the field of outpatient orthopedics where she worked with many athletic/sports related injuries. It was Kim's relocation to Florida in September of 1995 where Kim discovered her love and passion for weight training and fitness and the true meaning of living a healthy, fit lifestyle. Her competitive bug from her competitive figurskating days came back in the form of the new popular growing arena of fitness competitions for women.

    Starting from scratch, with no background experience in this field, Kim's bodyfat was an average 24% at 120 pounds and her main activity was aerobic classes at least 3 - 4 nights a week. Her legs were developed from her past figurskating days but she lacked any kind of muscle tone or strength at all in her upper body. A single push up was difficult for her and she lacked any kind of lower extremity flexibility that was required in these fitness competitions. This did not discourage her however, as she knew if she could write down some goals and a definate plan to achieve these goals she could do whatever she set out to accomplish.

    In her very first year of competing, through trial and error, Kim managed to accomplish her first goal in fitness of winning the "Ms. Fitness Florida State Champion" Title in June of 1996. This was only the beginning. From here Kim went on to compete in the obstacle course competitions such as Ms. Galaxy, Lifequest Triple Crown, and The Ironwomen Tri-Fitness Contests. Although these competitions were challenging and she came out on top, her love and passion still remained in performing and entertaining an audience with her dynamic, high energy routines. This again stemmed from her figureskating history of performing in front of arenas filled with people surrounding the ice rink who came to be entertained by these dynamic, high energy routines only in a different form.

    After two years of competing and learning the ropes of the fitness competitions and how to come out on top, Kim began to climb higher on her ladder of success with a runner-up placement at the Debbie Kruck Classic in May of 1998. Debbie Kruck has been Kim's mentor and good friend throughout her fitness career, and by guiding her with her years of experience in the industry she has been a motivating force driving Kim up higher on that ladder of success.

    In 1999, Kim made a switch in careers to the entertainment industry to star in a TV series that was filmed out of Orlando, FL. The relocation to a bigger center allowed Kim the access to a winning support team that she put together to help her to achieve her next big goal of attaining her Pro Status in Fitness. With much determination and tremendous support Kim came in the best conditioned shape of her life at the USAs in CA in July of 1999,but with extremely stiff competition did not attain her goal, but did crack the top five, ending up in fourth place overall. A week later at the Team Universe in New York City Kim was dissappointed yet again by missing her Pro Card by one point, finishing in third place. Although it was a struggle, Kim has never been one to give up; she had set out a goal for this year and nothing was going to get her down or stop her from achieving it. Two months later, Kim came back, working through a torn rotator cuff muscle injury and victoriously attained her Pro Status in front of a home crowd in Orlando, FL at Nationals (the biggest amateur event of the year no less).

    Now at the Professional Fitness Level Kim wants to take the opportunity to share all of her winning secrets from her experiences that will help to motivate and encourage everyone and anyone who has the desire to follow their dreams and accomplish their fitness goals.

    Contests include the 1996 NPC Southwest Regional 2nd; 1996 NPC Debbie Kruck Classic 7th; 1996 NPC FLorida State Fitness 1st; 1996 Southern States Fitness 13th; 1996 Fitness America Florida 7th; 1997 Ms. Galaxy Cancun 42nd; 1997 NPC Debbie Kruck 4th; 1997 Fitness America ESPN2 Florida 2nd; 1997 LifeQuest Tripe Crown 5th; 1997 NPC Nationals 21st; 1997 Fitness America ESPIN Finals 24th; 1998 Ironwomen TriFitness 2nd; 1998 NPC Debbie Kruck 2nd; 1998 NPC USA Tall 13th; 1999 NPC USA Tall 4th; 1999 NPC Team Universe 3rd; 1999 NPC Nationals 2nd; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 16th;

  • Haslam, Selena
    From Sydney, Australia. Height 5'2". Contests include the 1997 Miss Australia Fitness 1st;

  • Head, Candace
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 3rd ; 1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness 10th

  • Heikkila, Tanja
    From Finland. Contests include the 1999 Finland Pro 11th; 1999 Denmark Pro 12th;

  • Hellman, Pamela
    USA. Contests include the 2000 Atlantic City Pro 18th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 13th;

  • Hendershott, Jennifer
    Born in Ashland, Ohio. Has four brothers. Won the chearleading state championships in high school, and received a partial scholarship to Wright University. Transferred to Ohio State University after two years at Wright. Contests include the 1997 NPC Junior National Fitness 2nd; 1997 NPC National Fitness 4th; 1998 NPC USA Short 10th; 1998 NPC Nationals Tall 7th; 1999 NPC USA Middle 1st; 2000 Fitness International 5th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 4th; 2000 Fitness Olympia 7th; 2001 Fitness International 4th; 2001 Fitness Olympia 6th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 2nd; 2002 Fitness International 3rd; 2002 New York Pro 2nd; 2002 Southwest Pro 2nd; 2002 Fitness Olympia 5th; 2002 Show of Strength 4th; 2003 Fitness International 5th;

  • Hessler, Theresa
    USA. 1995 NPC National Fitness 2nd; 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 7th; 1996 Florida Fitness Pro 3rd; 1996 Fitness Olympia 6th; 1997 Fitness International 6th; 1997 Czech Pro 3rd; 1997 Italian Pro 1st; 1997 Midwest Pro 3rd; 1997 Jan Tana Fitness 1st; 1997 Fitness Olympia 8th; 1998 Fitness International 6th; 1998 Czech Pro Fitness 6th; 1999 Fitness International 12th; 1999 Finland Pro 9th; 1999 Denmark Pro 6th;

  • Hill, Cynthia
    Height 5'6". Cynthia became an aerobics instructor at age 19. Cynthia also ice skates competitively. In high school, Cynthia played varsity baketball, and ran varsity track. Owns a nutritional consulting company called 'Fitness Success'. Contests include the 1997 Galaxy 1st; 1998 NPC California Tall 2nd; 1998 NPC USA Tall 1st; 1999 Fitness International 9th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 6th;

  • Hillman, Claire
    From England. Contests include the 1996 Fitness Olympia 10th; 1997 Norway Pro Fitness 5th; 1998 Fitness International 13th; 1998 Czech Pro 8th; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 15th; 1998 Fitness Olympia 15th; 1999 Finland Pro 8th; 1999 Denmark Pro 10th;

  • Hills, Leslie
    1995 Fitness America Pageant National 14th

  • Hobbs, Heather
    1999 NPC USA Short 7th;

  • Hobbs, Nicole
    From Fair Oaks, California. Height 5'1". Hair color is brown, eyes are brown. Nicole is a person trainer. Contests include 1998 NPC Contra Costa Short 5th; 1998 NPC California State Short 4th; 1998 NPC USA short 7th; 1999 NPC NPC Contra Costa short 1st & Overall; 1999 NPC California short 3rd; 2000 NPC Califoria short 1st & Overall; 2000 NPC USA short 1st & Overall; 2001 Fitness International 10th; 2001 Fitness Olympia 11th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 4th; 2002 Fitness International 11th;

  • Holland, Jill
    1999 NPC USA Tall 11th;

  • Hollitt, Raye
    1994 Galaxy Fitness 3rd

  • Homan, Christina
    Contests include the 1999 NPC USA Middle 8th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro 14th;

  • Horn, Beth
    Born December 2, 1973 in Chicago. Height 5'8". At age 15, during her 8th year of gymnastics training, she tore the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee. But she regained for former strength and improved enough to make the U.S. National High School team during her senior year. Beth went to Ball State University in Indiana. During her college years, she tore the ACL in her right knee, but made a full recovery. Before she competed in fitness, Beth entered two bodybuilding contsts, the Ball State Univ Bodybuilding, and got 3rd both times. Beth has a talent in which she can juggle, even eggs or heavy balls.

    After she graduated college, she went to work as a personal trainer, but needed some goals, and chose to compete in a fitness contest. Fitness Contests include the 1998 Chicago Regional Overall; 1998 NPC Indiana Overall; 1998 NPC USA Tall 8th; 1998 NPC Nationals Tall 3rd; 1999 NPC USA Tall 7th; 1999 NPC Nationals Tall 5th; 2000 NPC USA Tall 3rd; 2000 Team Universe tall 3rd; 2000 NPC Nationals tall 1st & Overall; 2001 Fitness International 22nd; 2002 Slovakia Pro 4th; 2002 Toronto Pro 9th; 2002 Show of Strength 13th;

  • Horn, Jan Rene'
    Height: 5'5". Contests include the 2000 NPC American Classic Tall 1st & Overall;

  • Howlett, Bethany
    Contests include the 1999 NPC USA Tall 12th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 19th; 2002 New York Pro 22nd; 2002 Slovakia Pro 12th; 2002 Southwest Pro 15th;

  • Hulse, Karen
    1995 NPC National Fitness 3rd; 1996 Women's World Pro Fitness 1st; 1996 Florida Fitness Pro 2nd; 1996 Fitness Olympia 3rd; 1997 Fitness International 5th; 1997 Fitness Olympia 7th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 7th;

  • Hunt, Suzi
    1998 Ironwoman Tri-Fitness 3rd;

  • Hutchinson, Carl
    1995 Galaxy Fitness 14th

  • Hylton, Stacy
    Contests include the 1999 NPC USA Middle 10th; 2001 Pittsburgh Pro 17th; 2002 New York Pro 16th; 2002 Southwest Pro 3rd; 2002 Toronto Pro 2nd; 2002 Fitness Olympia 6th; 2003 Fitness International 4th;