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All Star Seminar IV "The Day After" - 10/19/2002

  • The line up for this years All Star Seminar is nothing short of Spectacular! Of course it will be held at the best gym in Las Vegas, Gold's Gym East located on the corner of Flamingo & Sandhill on Sunday October 19th, 2002, the day after the Mr. Olympia @ 11 to 1pm: $20.00 at the door!

    We have athletes with a long history of kicking major butts in the industry!

  • San Francisco Pro Champion 2002: "Superman" LEE PRIEST. Lee came out of a one-year layoff due to a heart ailment. He over came, a sponsorship contract change, re-located his home from Venice Beach to Lancaster Ca. while pursuing a Race Car Driver dream as creeped past Chris Cormier in San Francisco! All of this at 5'4 and 200lbs! He has a story to tell, as well as planning on repeating that contest condition at this years Mr. O!

  • 2-Time defending Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion Suzie Curry will grace us with her presence this year, as she has dominated the Fitness arena for the last few years! Suzie is the total package with a phenomenal routine that is nothing short of amazing! Gunning for a record Three-Peat come out and hear the results the Day After the Olympia!

  • 5-Time Masters Olympia Champion "Invincible" Vince Taylor coming off an Upset defeat to last years 1st runner-up Don Youngblood, has a lot to talk about regarding the contest! He swears he was on and is already planning a return to the stage at the Arnold Classic 2003 in Columbus Ohio! Vince, gracious in defeat, harbors no ill will toward the new champion but feels the contest was in his grasp and swears the photos will tell the story! He says he will not compete in the Jan Tana Masters Olympia ever again as he is setting his sight on the young guns of the Iron Game!

  • 4-Time Arnold Classic Champion "The Sultan of Symmetry" Flex Wheeler is back! Flex coming out of retirement to resume what he calls "Unfinished Business!" Flex, is trying to restructure his approach to the game by coming in around 220-225lb which is what he weighed when he was at his ALL TIME BEST in 93 at the ASC! Hear it from the man himself THE DAY AFTER; as he plans on making a huge impact this year!

  • 2-Time 1st Runner up Mr. Olympia "Sugar" Shawn Ray of course I will be there with the latest happenings in the industry regarding the sport of bodybuilding. I will address the whole Physical TV disaster. As well as, the growing interest in the Muscle Camps going Global! I will address issues regarding Judging, Mr. Olympia perspective, Drugs, Politics, Nutrition etc..

  • Ms. Olympia past winner Lenda Murray, on her comback to the Ms. Olympia, and much more.

    Stay tuned to the web site for the official flyer to be posted in the coming days! There will be prizes, photo ops, Q&A, give aways, and an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP to the PRO IRONMAN 2003!

    Strength & Honor!

    Shawn Ray