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2002 Mr. Olympia Competitors

  • The 2002 Mr. Olympia will be held in October at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Besides the former Mr. Olympia, who are always qualified to compete, currently, the qualified competitors include; Of the 27, 24 are definately competing. The two who are not are Jay Cutler, and Shawn Ray, and Don Youngblood won the Master's O, and should compete.

#NameCountryHow Qualified
1Ronnie ColemanUSAMr. Olympia Winner
2Flex WheelerUSA2000 Olympia
3Jay CutlerUSA2001 Olympia
4Kevin LevroneUSA2001 Olympia
5Shawn RayUSA2001 Olympia
6Chris CormierUSA2001 Olympia
7Orville BurkeUSA2001 Olympia
8Dennis JamesUSA2001 Olympia
9Dexter JacksonUSA2001 Olympia
10Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia2001 Olympia
11King KamaliUSA2001 Olympia
-None2001 Grand Prix England
12Claude GroulxCanada2001 Grand Prix New Zealand
13Lee PriestAustralia2002 Ironman Pro
14Ernie TaylorEngland2002 Ironman Pro
15Ahmad HaidarLebanon2002 Arnold Classic
-None2002 San Francisco Pro
16Tommi ThorvildsenNorway2002 Grand Prix Austria
17Jaroslav HorvathSlovakia2002 Grand Prix Australia
18Darrem CharlesUSA2002 Southwest Pro
19Bob CicherilloUSA2002 Southwest Pro
20George FarahUSA2002 Southwest Pro
21Markus RuhlGermany2002 Night of Champions
22Francisco 'Paco' BautistaSpain2002 Night of Champions
23Craig TitusUSA2002 Night of Champions
24Art AtwoodUSA2002 Toronto Pro
25Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico2002 Toronto Pro
26Gunter SchlierkampGermanySpecial Invite
27Don YoungbloodUSA2002 Masters Olympia

2002 Fitness Olympia Competitors

  • The 2002 Fitness Olympia will be held in October at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Current qualified competitors include;

#NameHow Qualified
1Susie Curry2001 Fitness Olympia
2Jenny Worth2001 Fitness Olympia
3Kelly Ryan2001 Fitness Olympia
4Adela Friedmansky2001 Fitness Olympia
5Timea Majorova2001 Fitness Olympia
6Klaudia Kinska2001 Hungarian Fitness
7Stacey Simons2001 Hungarian Fitness
8Jenny Hendershott2002 Fitness International
9Shannon Meteraud2002 New York Fitness
10Aleksandra Kobielak2002 Slovakia Pro Fitness
11Stacy Hylton2002 Southwest Pro Fitness
12Tanji Johnson2002 Toronto Pro Fitness
13Christine Bergeron2002 Toronto Pro Fitness
14Lisa Reed2002 Atlantic States Pro Fitness
15Laurie Vaniman2002 Atlantic States Pro Fitness
16Tracey Greenwood2002 Jan tana Pro Fitness
17Anna Level2002 Pittsburgh Pro Fitness

2002 Ms. Olympia Competitors

  • The 2002 Ms. Olympia will be held in October at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. There is also a chance to get an invitation, of which Lesa Lewis and Laura Creavalle have applied for. Current qualified competitors include;

#NameHow Qualified
1Lenda MurrayMs. Olympia Winner
2Valentina ChepigaMs. Olympia Winner
3Juliette BergmannMs. Olympia Winner
4Andrulla BlanchetteMs. Olympia Winner
5Dayana Cadeau2001 Ms. Olympia LW
6Iris Kyle2001 Ms. Olympia HW
7Vickie Gates2001 Ms. Olympia HW
8Yaxeni Oriquen2001 Ms. Olympia HW
9Fannie Barrios2002 Ms. International LW 3rd
10Betty Viana2002 Southwest Pro HW
11Angela Debatin2002 Southwest Pro MW
12Susanne Niederhauser2002 Southwest Pro LW
13Nancy Lewis2002 Jan Tana Pro MW 1st
14Beth Roberts2002 Jan Tana Pro HW 1st
15Laura CreavalleSpecial Invite