Getbig2001 Olympia
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Reactions to Misc. Comments
by DeShay Ebert

  • DeShay Ebert is a IFBB / NPC promoter, and a judges in the IFBB / NPC for about 15 years, DeShay was supposed to judge the 2001 Mr. Olympia, but during the press conference, Shawn and DeShay got into an arguement in which things were said that may have put DeShay in a biased position. DeShay, after the press conference, pulled herself out of judging the Mr. Olympia this year. Here are comments by DeShay after she read some unflattering remarks on the bulletin boards around the Internet.

  • Regarding the press conference, you are right. I did pull out as a classy person, and so Shawn would not not have yet another thing that he talks about all year. And it was my first Olympia to judge so I could not have been on last years.

    Ask anyone of the journalist - his body (which I didn't say was bad at all) has not changed and it hasn't.  I started that conversation as "Shawn, this is nothing personal".  But  somehow people are still trying to make this out to be.  Shawn did not politely reply to me - no, he was yelling and condescending at me because he was embarrassed as a woman was challenging him. That says a lot about a person  is that?

    I told him I would be glad to have my scores posted between each round, as I've been doing it in NPC National and State levels for 16 years.  Just because our name is on a sheet; what difference does it make?  The show is already over and I don't know of one show going back all the way back because someone thinks they got ripped off.

    Also, I did not get emotional - Shawn did because he was yelling at me.   He also asked me how much time and experience I had to judge.  Oh... about 15 years.  How many times did he judge?  And yes, I did compete in the early stages so I've been all sides of this wall. How many years did Shawn have?  That's when he started screaming to me. This topic needed to be addressed because nobody has the guts to stand up to him.  Well, The Bitch from Texas is. 

    Every single year Shawn has something to complain about.  This year's placing was a gift so guess what? I am sure he won't bitch until next year when he has something new and someone new to place the blame on.  Jim Manion and Wayne DeMilia work hard to accommodate each athlete, especially Shawn so he will shut him and take it like a man. 

    But give me a little credit as a women is the only one that will stand up against Shawn Ray rather than portraying me as a stupid person, and Shawn Ray has the best physique and was a gentlemen which he was not.   And for the part of stepping down - that was nothing but doing a classy thing.  I hope you print this.  DeShay Ebert

  • This is approxiamately two weeks later, and DeShay responds after other comments from Olympia reports, and emails on the website.

  • First, Shawn and I have talked on the phone and e-mailed each other, and both again, we could not understand what was being said because of the audience.  As for King Kamali who used to be my friend, he ripped on me in one of the Olympia Reports.

    What I have to say is that his facts are wrong. I took myself off that panel!  Wayne or Jim didn't want me to, but I am fair and treat people like I would wanted to be treated.  This was between me and Shawn.

    Where King fits in, I am not sure. Why he has to say so many negative things about me, I will never know.  I 've helped King get his pro card, had him guest pose at the Texas State which I promote  and this is the thanks I get.  He needs to get his facts straight!

    I took myself off the panel because of my integrity which King obviously does not have. Shawn and I have straightend things out, and are on good terms.  Nobody else has a right to say anything that doesn't involve them personally.  In fact, I am considering getting my lawyer on this and may sue for defamation of character. I've always helped King when he needed it to get his pro card and this  is the thanks I get

    If the bodybuilders expect judges to respect, then then they need to respect the judges.  We have voices here. They are not the only ones.  Again, everything is alright between me and Shawn, and this has nothing to do with King except he wasn't apart of it. 

    The moral of the story is what comes around goes around... remember that, King!