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Kelly Ryan's January 31st court appearance notes,
will be back tomorrow in court, along with Craig Titus

Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 1:00pm

    The first court appearance for Kelly Ryan came this morning on January 31st, 2006, as she appeared via a video teleconference in a prison blue uniform that looked like a jumpsuit. Kelly also had shackles on her wrists. Kelly's entire 'appearance' took less than 5 minutes, and our friends that were in the courtroom said that Kelly looked much better than they had thought she would. For being on the road, and in jail, she looked not bad on that television screen.

    Perhaps it looked like she even had some makeup on for the appearance. When asked of she received a copy of the complaint, Kelly answered "Yes sir, your honor", quite nicely. It was interesting to note that Kelly was holding the papers in her hand and waving them around as if to show everyone that she did indeed receive the copy. She seemed nervous, and somber, but ok.

    There were three local stations there covering the event. Also identified was an AP reporter, and of course the lawyers. Kelly's lawyer was Tim Pitaro, who said that he wants the judge, Joe Bonaventure, to set bail for the same amount as Anthony Gross got, $13,000. Because it looked like that the DA nor the judge had even received the request yet regarding bail, they moved it for Wednesday, February 1st. Kelly did not enter any plea to the charges that she is facing.

    Interesting to note that Craig's attorney's - Steven Boozang and Richard Schonfeld, also were there in the courtroom. According to Eyewitness News, Richard said "Our client is innocent and when all the facts and circumstances come to light I think the public is going to have an entirely different perception of this case." The attorneys also believe that they will be able to get bail for Craig Titus too.

    Well, our friends tell us that perhaps all three of them will be at the courtroom tomorrow, February 1st. Kelly Ryan, Craig Titus and Anthony Gross, in person. However, others said that while Kelly and Anthony might be there, Craig will only appear via video teleconference. We shall see tomorrow. Whether they will enter a plea or not, we shall find out.

    Steven Boozang, Craig's attorney from Massachusetts appeared sharp and quite friendly and talkative to everyone. Richard Shonfeld, Craig's attorney from Nevada, looked relaxed too, sporting long hair in a ponytail, kind of slicked back. Tim Pitaro was more serious, and word had it that he didn't talk to a lot of people at all. And the judge. The Justice of the Peace, Joe Bonaventure, had some people describe him as interesting, like if he wasn't a judge, he could be part of a rock band, with long hair.