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Sex Tape featuring Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan
Also features Melissa James and an unidentified girl

January 24, 2006 - Ron Avidan

  • I knew that when this stunning incident happened that the stories about Craig & Kelly would surface. I also heard that there were various tapes around, featuring bodybuilders and fitness competitors in various sexual play. Two weeks ago, it was rumored that one of these tapes with Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan was around, even available for sale. The most interesting part of that was the tape also featured Melissa James, during one interesting night when they all lived in Los Angeles back perhaps in 2002.

    All that changed when Flexonline wrote a story regarding the sex tape. Suddenly, I received lots of emails and the boards were lighting up wondering if there really was a tape like this. So for research purposes, I had to find out. Some phone calls were made, some people were contacted, and I received a call saying that the tape has resurfaced and I could view it if I wanted to. So I said - fine.

    Needless to say, the rumored tape is a fact, although the copy I saw was on a DVD. Although I am not sure if there were more on the original tape, the DVD had three sections to it. The first section had Melissa James & an unidentified person. The second section and Kelly Ryan practicing her routines in a gym for her coach. The third section featured Craig & Kelly in the bedroom.

      Part one: It starts off with Melissa on a chair, and this other female (looks Asian) carefully unbuttoning her black shirt, and then removing it. Then they proceed to remove more clothes, and we can let your imagination run from that. This whole section was about 2-3 minutes long, and it was very hard to see, because here were two beautiful girls having some fun, and you know that one died in a horrible way. Did Melissa know she was being taped? Yes, she did. It looked like Craig was taping it, and Kelly was on the phone in the background.

      Part two: Kelly was practicing her routines at a gymnasium where there was padding on the ground. No matter what we think at this moment, Kelly worked very hard to make sure that her routines were the best out there. There is no nudity here, and it looked like Craig was very proud of Kelly.

      Part three: Now here is where you definitely can see this as an x-rated tape. Craig and Kelly had put up a video camera on their dresser, and they had it running while they were having fun on the bed. The camera never moves during the entire 20 minute scene. First part is Craig lying flat on his back on the bed with Kelly facing him going at it. Then Kelly lies on her back sideways on the bed and Craig gets on top of her. Towards the end, Craig finishes, and gives her a kiss afterwards.

    So enough of the details. This was a private tape that was never meant for distribution. There is no sign that Melissa and Kelly were together here, nor that Craig & Melissa were together. Craig & Kelly were having fun in their bedroom. Melissa was just having fun with this girl. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were no signs of any drugs being used at all. And on top of it all, it would be quite unfair for the family of Melissa James to have this tape out in the public eye.

    But what about Craig & Kelly. When someone makes a tape, there is a chance that others will see it one day. No matter how you hide the tape. Will this tape eventually make the DVD racks and the Internet web sites? Who knows? Maybe someone will pay to get this tape? There are rumors that there are a number of other tapes with high profile bodybuilding and fitness competitors out there that may eventually surface. What tapes did they take from Craig & Kelly's house. There are rumors that they may have had a number of tapes there in their collection from the past few years. Only time will tell…