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Rita Cosby Live 1/11/06: Maura James appears on the show
January 11, 2006

    Well, this was definitely an interesting show, as Maura James denied a number of claims made by Las Vegas Review Journal reporter Frank Curreri in terms of exactly what happened to Melissa. Some of the statements allegedly made appeared in many reports and stories around the globe, but these may not be true. Here is a transcript of what happened between Frank, Rita and Maura this evening (this is a small part of the show).

    Rita: Let me bring in Maura James if I could, the mother of Melissa. Maura, first of all, our deepest, our prayers go out to you, what did you hear about the sort of relationship between Melissa and the others prior to this. Did you know that it was contentious.

    Maura: Not really, I know that she told me there were problems between Kelly & Craig, but she had really no problems with either one of them. As far as I knew, they were good friends.

    Rita: Did she ever express any fear or concern or erratic behavior with Kelly.

    Maura: Never.

    Frank: I am going to have to take issue, my deepest condolenses to Maura James , but I interviewed Maura James and I have in my transcripts, and I am very confident that she did say that in fact Melissa had ongoing tensions with Kelly, and I quote her saying that Kelly had recently been ‘flipping out and acting crazy’, and in fact, that was what proceeded Melissa moving out.

    Rita: Let me bring Maura. Is there a reason you don’t want to tell us that now.

    Maura: Melissa never moved out of the house.

    Frank: Did you not tell me that she moved out of the house

    Maura: No, she never moved out of the house.

    Frank: Did you not tell me that.

    Maura: No! She did not move out of the house. She was leaving to fly to New Jersey for Christmas, but she did not actually move out of the house.

    Rita: Did you know that there was a romantic relationship going on?

    Marua: No, she never told me that there was a relationship.

    Rita: What do you think led to this?

    Maura: I have no idea?

    Frank: Ms. James, can you explain, you had told me about a hotel room that Craig had purchased for 2 days, the police have confirmed that. You also told me that.

    Maura: No

    Very interesting, as these simple denials and statements may change exactly what we have heard and perceived in the last week or so. Was this a case of an overzealous reporter misinterpreting what he heard??? Also, thanks to the James family, here are a few more pictures of Melissa, whose love of dance is clearly shown.

    Notes: After this segment aired, one of Melissa's uncles, posted on bulletin boards this statement "Maura never told Frank that Melissa and Kelly were fighting. She never told Frank that Melissa had moved out of the house. When Maura made the statement that "they were fighting all the time", she meant Craig and Kelly, and Melissa had told Maura that Kelly had been flipping out. And as far as Melissa leaving the house, Craig had reserved a room for Melissa for one night, because he thought it would be better if Melissa was not at the house due to the fighting that Craig and Kelly were doing. It was only later that we found out that the room had been reserved for two nights, and for whatever reason Craig reserved the room for two nights, only he knows since Melissa was flying home on Tuesday night. Unfortunately we did not correct this from the beginning. It was just a case of miscommunication. Once again, I would like to thank all those who have shown support for my family during this terrible tragedy."