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February 2001

Welcome to NutriMag Magazine. We are very excited to have the opportunity to educate the readers on the real facts in the supplement industry. NutriMag is the official magazine of Nutri-Sport Nutrition Stores, which there are over 58 in the United States. NutriMag offers scientific research, training articles, fast facts, star profiles and much more. On the cover is Kelly Ryan. In the inset is Lee Labrada.

February 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #7


  • Body Beautiful
    Taking care of yourself means maintaining a osund body, spirit and mind. By Jennifer Lackie.

  • Fitness is for Everyone
    Fitness is not only a competitive sport but a healthy lifestyle. By Kelly Ryan.

  • A Closer Look at Energy Gels
    The benefits of carbohydrate during exercise.

  • Supporting Optimum Liver Health
    Your liver is the number one line of defense against all toxins that enter your body.

  • Legitimate Protein Supplements
    This article is going to be straight to the punch regarding the business ethics, or lack thereof, practiced in today's nutritional supplement industry.


  • Insight 2001
    There are world class athletes who never do more than push ups and sit ups for stimulating their muscles. By Jacob Frank.

  • Living Lean
    It's a Lifestyle, not a Life Sentence by Sandra Blackie

  • Mass Machine
    How To Get Your Stubborn Calves to Finnaly Grow by Skip LaCour

  • Star Profile
    Lee Labrada talks about how he was motivated to become involved in bodybuilding and more...

  • Vitamin Fast Facts
    Natural vs. Synthetic

  • A Sports Nutritionist View
    Losing bodyfat while gaining lean body mass.

  • Your Lean Body Coach
    Using Supplements Intelligently By Lee Labrada.

  • New Hot Products
    New products at NutriSport.

  • Dr. Muscle
    Strengthen your bodies, but do not avoid stretching.