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October 2000

Welcome to NutriMag Magazine. We are very excited to have the opportunity to educate the readers on the real facts in the supplement industry. NutriMag is the official magazine of Nutri-Sport Nutrition Stores, which there are over 58 in the United States. NutriMag offers scientific research, training articles, fast facts, star profiles and much more. On the cover is Timea Majorova.

October 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #6


  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
    Imagine a supplement so effective that even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given it a seal of approval.

  • Increase Free Muscle Glutamine
    Glutamine has long been praised for its positive contributions to health and well being.

  • Heart Smart
    You are what you eat; Why exercise; We got the beat; Bottom Line…

  • Mediation
    What is it? Why do it? What are the benefits? How much time will it take? Do I have to burn incense, chant or sit in some god awful position for extended periods?

  • Advances in Weight Management
    The process of making the bodt a fat burning machine is a combination of strict and adequate nutrition, intense weight training and aerobic activity.


  • Insight 2000
    Jacob Frank discusses the exciting times in the sport supplement industry. You can find some great deals… but lets me realistic, you can only go so low before you have to question what is actually in the product.

  • Living Lean
    Advice for First Time Competitors by Sandra Blackie

  • Star Profile
    Timea Majorova, IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor

  • Heart Healthy Fast Facts
    CLA, Coenzyme Q10, EFAs,

  • Fitness Perspective
    Charlene Rink gives you here fitness perspective. Support is an essential element to achieving your fitness goals.

  • Dr. Muscle
    Squats Rule! In my opinion, the legs are the most neglected group of muscles in the body.

  • A Sports Nutritionist View
    Battling those holiday pounds! Studies show the average weight gain around this time of year among those who are weight conscious is five to ten pounds.

  • Your Lean Body Coach
    Why You Desperately need to eat 6 meals a day every day! By Lee Labrada.

  • Diary of a Pro Bodybuilder
    Doing the Impossible, by Garrett Downing.

  • New Hot Products

  • Jimmy 'Iron Bull' Pellechia
    Strength enhancing workout!

  • Nutri-Sport Highlights